INDYProjectCon 2018 Speakers

INDYProjectCon 2018 brought together some of the top national and local thought leaders and experts in the industry. Select an image below to view their name to read their bio. If you are interested in speaking at a ProjectCon event across North America, submit a Speaker Proposal Application.

Call for Speakers – Speaker Proposal Application

Former Indiana Fever All-Star Forward, Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame
Private Sector, Risk Management Consultant
ProjectCon-AgileCon-Indianapolis-Nicole Misencik
ProjectCon, Emcee
ProjectCon-AgileCon-Indianapolis-Al Zeitoun
PMI 2018 Board of Directors, Director
    ProjectCon-AgileCon-Indianapolis-Scott Ambler
    Scott Ambler + Associates, Enterprise Agile Coach, Senior Consulting Partner
    ProjectCon-AgileCon-Indianapolis-Natalie Warnert
    Women in Agile Inc., Founder, President and Executive Director
    ProjectCon-AgileCon-Indianapolis-Coach Clinton Ages
    Coach Clinton, CEO
    ProjectCon-AgileCon-Indianapolis-Jessica Soroky
    Pendo, Director of Agile Practices
    Top Rank IT, Trainer
    ADP, Manager
    ProjectCon-AgileCon-Indianapolis-Paul Crosby
    The League of Analysts Inc, CFO & Chief Paper Pusher
    AB2 Consulting Services
      SRSA Consulting, LLC, Agile Coach
      Agilify Coaching & Training, Founder and Scrum Mom
      ProjectCon-AgileCon-Indianapolis-Ryan Ripley Agile for Humans
      Ryan Ripley & Company, Founder
      OneAmerica, Lead Business Analyst
      Centro, Senior Vice President of Program Management
      BOBCAT Academy, PMP & Project Managment Trainer
      Vincerem, President
      ProjectCon-AgileCon-Indianapolis-Robby Smith
      ProLegion, Co-founder
      Guilford Group, Senior Manager
      Guilford Group, Consultant
      INDYProjectCon 2018 SCHEDULE

      INDYProjectCon 2018 featured 4 Keynote sessions, over 30 breakout sessions, panel discussions, Open Space, and Career Development Clinics. Whether you are beginning, transitioning, or advancing your Project & Product Management career, INDYProjectCon sessions strive to offer real-world, key take-a-ways for everyone from C-level to practitioners.

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      Friday, September 7
      ProjectCon-AgileCon-Indianapolis-Tamkia Catchings

      Morning Keynote with Tamika Catchings

      Friday September 7, 2018 :: 8:30am to 9:30am
      Tamika will share her story of overcoming obstacles and challenges throughout her life. Her inspirational message will include life and leadership lessons, tips and tools that have helped her become a champion both on the court, off the court and in her professional life. She reached for the stars with hard work, perseverance and her faith in God. Through the silence, she found a way to shine.

      How PMOs Can Enable Business and Organizational Agility

      Friday September 7, 2018 :: 9:45am to 10:45am
      “Did she really say PMO? Isn’t that a taboo topic nowadays, shunned by agilists everywhere?” and/or “I run/work in a PMO, what’s my (or my team’s) future in this agile world? Is it just to become a Scrum Master or Agile Coach?” If these are some of the questions that came to your mind when reading the title, please join me in this presentation where I share my observations, learnings, approaches, and thoughts on how a PMO needs to evolve to support and enable business agility and how project management to continue to provide value.


      The Future of The Profession

      Friday September 7, 2018 :: 2:10pm to 3:10pm
      As we enter a world of disruptive change, innovative technology, and self-managed teams, project managers will have to reinvent themselves to remain competitive. In this session, we’ll discuss how the profession could change and what you can do right now to prepare for the future.

      The #NoEstimates Movement

      Friday September 7, 2018 :: 3:25pm to 4:25pm
      #NoEstimates is a critical look at how estimates are used in the software industry. When will you deliver that feature? How much will this project cost? Which features can I have in 4 weeks? All reasonable questions that both management and customers want addressed. Traditionally, we’ve used estimates to provide such answer. Can we still make decisions without traditional estimates?

      Strategic Thinking : How to Gain Buy-in from Decision Makers

      Friday September 7, 2018 :: 3:25pm to 4:25pm
      We make decisions daily. Each decision we make is based on a number of factors; previous experiences, available resources, and desired outcome, are just a few of them. Even on the fly we work strategically to achieve our goals, big or small. But are we deliberately strategic, or is it something we tend to do unintentionally? And how much better would our decisions be if we were intentionally strategic?

      The Business of Agile: Better, Faster, Cheaper

      Friday September 7, 2018 :: 4:35pm to 5:30pm
      During my last agile transformation a key stakeholder asked me, “Why are we doing this?” I talked about increasing quality, delivering software sooner, and fostering a more collaborative relationship with our business partners. After a few minutes, he raised his hand and stopped me. “I get all that. BUT how is all of this agile stuff any better, faster, or cheaper than what we do today?” Leaders must answer the “better, faster, cheaper” question if they want their agile transformation and projects to move forward. To prepare leaders for this critical question, we explore how “better, faster, cheaper” translates to an agile organization, the metrics a leader can use to track progress towards “better, faster, and cheaper”, and how leaders can demonstrate the benefits gained from their agile activities. certification exam.

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      INDYProjectCon brought in some of the industry’s best partners showcasing the latest tools, gear, and giveaways. Our Vendor Expo and Career Development Clinics offer something for everyone from training, software, consulting services, to career development clinics and job opportunities.

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