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Below are the PMI PDU 10 digit Claim Codes for all of the PROJECTCON 2019 May 10th sessions and May 11th workshops. Visit https://ccrs.pmi.org to enter the 10 Claim Code and date.

CourseIdentifier PDUClaimCode Title MaxPDUs
PC05102019-01 C002J94P52 Mind the Gap – The Tension Between Job Titles and Agility 1
PC05102019-02 C002FFH0K8 Abuser Stories: Thinking Like the Bad Guy to Reduce Software Vulnerabilities 1
PC05102019-03 C002SLI5EP Capturing Lessons Learned Information: Making your current and future projects smarter! 1
PC05102019-04 C002HRN60N Emotional Intelligence: Mindset of Success 1
PC05102019-05 C0020AMQ82 Future of Work – 4 Trends 1
PC05102019-06 C0022KPG3N PMO Expert Panel 1
PC05102019-07 C0029W69H0 Real World Scrum with Azure DevOps 1
PC05102019-08 C00296GDW4 The Women in Agile Story – History of the Movement through MVP Experiments 1
PC05102019-09 C002PNLTH4 Secrets of the Agile Manifesto 1
PC05102019-10 C002B87L1H A Guide to Risk Management 1
PC05102019-11 C0024Q3RL7 Agile and Beyond with Jira and Atlassian Tools 1
PC05102019-12 C0024IBFNM Business Driven PMO Setup and Management – Testing Your Convictions 1
PC05102019-13 C002T0WHOG Leading in an Agile World 1
PC05102019-14 C002Z16MBM LinkedIn Clinic – What’s New and What Can It Do For You? 1
PC05102019-15 C002ZNKVQL The Secret to Effective Backlog Refinement – Behavior Driven Development 1
PC05102019-16 C002KN8YBF You Know Your IQ, But What’s Your CQ? – Develop Your Change Intelligence for Project Success 1
PC05102019-17 C002WVPLUU Can’t We All Just Get Along? 1
PC05102019-18 C002B1WEEJ Acceleration & Focus – A Simple Approach to Faster Execution 1
PC05102019-19 C002TXB8NX Automated Release Pipelines with Azure DevOps 1
PC05102019-20 C002KNVJJ4 Influence Without Authority: How to lead when you are not in charge 1
PC05102019-21 C0028XETBO Re-doing Phase Gates and Change Requests to Refactor Confidence 1
PC05102019-22 C0023LCT8A The Agile Community 1
PC05102019-23 C002PVMNX8 The Agile PMO 1
PC05102019-24 C002V2FTNA Transformation of an Agile Purist to an Agile Mind 1
PC05102019-25 C002FT3HGO WOW Factor / Personal Branding 1
PC05102019-26 C002Q70LKG A Day in the Life of an Agilist: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 1
PC05102019-27 C002WAIE0K Creating and Using a Project Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB) 1
PC05102019-28 C0029RIRJI How Agile Methods Helped to Propel the Fastest Startup Ever to Earn a $2B Valuation 1
PC05102019-29 C002944L7W Linkedin Profile Marketing and Networking 1
PC05102019-30 C002EEI4K5 Next Level Jira: Unlock Its Full Potential 1
PC05102019-31 C002XU7ZE4 Strengths Based Teams – Why the Me in Team is a Game Changer 1
PC05102019-32 C0027BBZFG The Modern PMO and Why It Matters 1
PC05102019-33 C0022OD8UY Agile at Scale – The SAFe Way 1
PC05102019-34 C0029Z5JA8 Agile in Project Online 1
PC05102019-35 C002QR6NNK Teaming for Agility 1
PC05102019-36 C002O2XHK4 The Agile PMP: What PMPs need to know to compete in today’s market 1
PC05102019-37 C002E7TKY7 The Single-Most Powerful Portfolio Governance Technique 1
PC05102019-38 C002UAZ985 A Holistic Approach to Becoming a World-Class PMO 7
PC05102019-39 C002MTDSH4 Agile Fundamentals: Covering the essentials for practitioners and leaders 4
PC05102019-40 C002XDGJTR Career Development Workshop: The Career Happiness Project 4
PC05102019-41 C002MGWOZC You Know Your IQ, But What’s Your CQ? Develop Your Change Intelligence¨ to Lead Organizational Change 7
PC05102019-42 C002IAUTTQ Advanced Agility: Going beyond backlogs and burndowns 4
PC05102019-43 C002SO7TX9 Tools a Successful PM Could (Should) Use: No Theory, Just the Facts 4