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Confirmed Speaker FAQs

These FAQs were prepared for confirmed speakers presenting at ProjectCon Midwest 2019 in Indianapolis on May 10 and/or 11, 2019. Please contact us if you still have questions or need anything.

 Is there a required presentation theme/template?
Yes. To maintain consistency and branding across all presentations, all presentations are required to use and be submitted and presented on an approved branded ProjectCon PowerPoint Office theme/template. We make every attempt to provide to maximum slide content space for you to position your content on the theme/template. The theme/template also includes slide layouts that you would typically find in a PowerPoint template/theme including title slide, speaker contact slide, etc. No “speaker” company logos may be used on each slide other than the ProjectCon embedded logo within the provided theme so that promotion is limited. Contact us to obtain the theme. Reference the latest Microsoft PowerPoint online documentation for installing and applying the provided theme to your presentation. Get the ProjectCon PowerPoint Template/Theme from our Google Drive here. If you cannot access the documents, email us at

 When do I need to submit my presentation for review?
Below is the presentation delivery timeline:
• Email your DRAFT presentation on the ProjectCon template for technical review – by 4/01/2019
• Email your FINAL DRAFT – by 4/26/2019
• Email your APPROVED FINAL FINAL presentation – by 5/03/2019

In-between submitting your DRAFT and the FINAL DRAFT PowerPoint presentation, you will be able to make adjustments and tweak your presentation as needed as long as the message is the same and promotional content are not added.

Laptops will be provided in each presentation room and will be pre-loaded with your presentation. Event volunteer room monitors and a professional A/V Tech will be onsite the day-of if you need technical assistance.

What presentation aids are provided?

  • Podium
    • Laptop with Windows, PowerPoint, and a web browser installed
    • Projector/Screen or Flat screen TV (depending on room size and layout)
    • Wired Podium Microphone
    • Wireless Lapel/Lavalier Microphone
    • Wireless Slide Advancer w/ laser pointer
    • Round table seating
    • Free WiFi access provide by the venue
    • Easel with flipchart paper and markers
    • A room monitor in each room that will introduce you and raise countdown signs from the back of the room increments of 10, 5, 2, 0

 Am I able to provide handouts to my session attendees?
No, unless you have handouts pre-authorization and approved from Conference Fuel and they include a ProjectCon logo in a corner. Otherwise, handouts of any kind (including business cards) during presentations are not allowed during the event. Also, there will be no printing capabilities onsite at the venue. If you have pre-approved handouts, you are responsible for printing, the cost, and bringing or shipping them to the venue.

 Do I need to submit a W9?
If we are paying a speaker ≥ $600 USD, we MUST have a completed W9 before payment is made. Even if you have a business structure (i.e. S-Corp, C-Corp), we still collect a W9. Download an IRS W9 form, complete it, and email it to within 15 days the event in order to get paid. We cannot pay you until we receive this completed and signed form:

What are the hotel accommodations for ProjectCon?
ProjectCon Midwest 2019 in Indianapolis will be held at Embassy Suites by Hilton Noblesville Indianapolis Conference Center 13700 Conference Center Drive South, Noblesville, IN 46060. The hotel phone number is 317-674-1900. You can ask for the “ProjectCon” room rate. You can also book a room online here: . Your speaker agreement may already outline if travel is included in your agreement. In some cases, we have reserved a room for speakers. You must still call and actually book the room. Ask the hotel if you have a room reserved. Book early so rooms will be available. If you need assistance, please contact us.

Is there transportation provided?
For ProjectCon Midwest 2019 in Indianapolis, No. We recommend that you arrange transportation through the hotel, Uber, Lift, or a taxi service. If you need assistance, please contact us.

What is the closest Airport to the event location?
For ProjectCon Midwest 2019 in Indianapolis, it is Indianapolis International Airport – IND.

When should I arrive?
We recommend you arrive at the venue no later than on the day of the event between 7am-8am to get checked in at the Speaker check-in table located near the hotel lobby. All speakers must be checked-in a minimum of 2 hours prior to your presentation time. CHECK YOU SCHEDULE THE DAY OF TO CONFIRM YOUR SPEAKING TIME AS IT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE UP TO AND INCLUDING THE DAY OF THE EVENT. The earlier the better so that you can get checked-in, get acclimated to the venue, and touch-base with the A/V Tech. The venue will open at 6:00am and a hot breakfast buffet will be served between 7am-8:00am. There is are rooms designated all day as the speaker “Green Room” that features seating, snacks, mints, beverages, etc.

What should I do in the case of emergency or other event affecting my arrival or participation?
Please call (317-245-3783), text (317-245-3783), AND email ( ASAP.

Do I need to register for the event?
No. Confirmed speakers are already pre-registered for the event by Conference Fuel. If you are bringing guests or assistance, they must register. Email us for guest event registration details. Upon arrival at the venue, please locate the “SPEAKER” registration table to sign-in, drop off your flash drive containing your presentation, obtain your schedule, and other items waiting for you.

I made some last minute changes to my PowerPoint presentation, what can I do?
Your presentation will be pre-loaded onto every laptop in every presentation room. If you have made changes to your presentation since the FINAL version you sent us, let the SPEAKER registration staff know, and we will assist you. DO NOT install you presentation yourself.
You are required to bring a copy of your final presentation flash drive just in case.

Can someone help me with last minute arrangements? What do I do if I have technical needs during the session?
There is a volunteer room monitor assigned to your session room to provide assistance to you or audience members. We also have a professional AV Tech onsite to assist.

What is my room capacity and when do I speak?
A version of the schedule is available on the event website and event mobile app but is subject to change at any time including the day of the event. The final schedule will be available to you the day of and on the event mobile app that will have your room assignment and room capacity. When you check in at the Speaker Registration desk upon arrival, a hardcopy of your day’s schedule will be provided to you at that time. Due to the intense and fluid nature of a ProjectCon all schedules are subject to change up to and through the day of the event. Please check with us to confirm your schedule.  There are many factors that go into assigning rooms including an estimate of attendee draw and balance of the presentation topic and track. We make every attempt to accurately right size the room capacities to avoid standing room only.

Will there be a Speaker Survey?
Yes. We will provide survey results after the conference. Note: that surveys are voluntary and may have low participation. We do all we can to encourage attendees to complete surveys.

Is Food Provided During the Event?
Yes. A hot buffet breakfast will be provided between 7am-8am. A hot buffet lunch will be provided between approximately 12pm-1pm. There will also be an AM snack bar after breakfast and before lunch and a PM snack after lunch. Beverages will be available all day. The speaker Green Room will have water, mints, and light snacks also. If you need food outside of these serving times, let us know so that we can prepare food for you at an alternate time. We have issue with this, we just need know.

Will my session be Videoed?
Not in its entirety. Conference Fuel professional videographers and photographers will be roaming the event throughout the day to create post-event promotional videos. Not all sessions will be included and no session will be filmed completely. Any other video or photography by anyone is strictly prohibited unless you have obtained written pre-authorization from Conference Fuel and the event must be attributed.

Do I get Paid?
Many speakers present pro bono for various reasons including giving back to the profession, to gain experience, to gain exposure, etc.; however, if we negotiated a speaker honorarium and/or travel reimbursement, payment for speaker honorariums will be paid by electronic means or check mailed from a bank to the address you provided on or within 10 days after the event depending on bank/mail delivery. Negotiated and pre-authorized travel reimbursements must be submitted for payment within 10 days after the event on your detailed invoice in accordance with the Conference Fuel Travel Reimbursement policy.

I’d like to speak again at another ProjectCon! What do I do?
Send an email stating your interest to and submit a Speaker Proposal soon as speaker slots fill up quickly. We also maintain all speaker information and contact speakers for future events throughout North America ProjectCon.

 Presentation Resources:

  • Venue Map
    • How to Begin Your Presentation with Simon Sinek (video)

 Am I required to have audience participation and learning objectives?

Yes. ProjectCon events are designed to go above and beyond what all other conferences offer by providing attendees with meaningful interactive, hands-on experiences that include audience interactions and REAL, actionable take-a-ways that can be immediately implemented. These interactions enhance engagement and the overall learning experience and help adult learners create lasting synaptic connections for memory recall and association when returning to the workplace. Below are some examples of interactions that must be incorporated into your presentation.

Activity: Create an activity for individuals or teams of participants to practice what they are learning. If it is a team activity, then divide the class into teams that will complete an activity. Teams report out their findings to the class.

Ask Questions: Rather than “telling” content, ask open-ended questions of the participants to get the content from them. Can also ask participants what they have done in a previous situation (or what they would do in a hypothetical situation if they are not likely to have had the experience).

Class Discussion: Put an open-ended question on a slide and facilitate a class discussion. Could put a scenario on a slide and then ask participants what to do or what went wrong. Questions can be about sharing a past experience (how have you done x before?), visualizing possibilities (how could you apply x?), or anticipating future experiences (what challenges do you foresee in implementing x?).

Table Discussion: Give participants questions to discuss at their table and then report out what they came up with. Can also give them a real-life work scenario and ask them questions about it (what would you do, what is wrong with it, etc.).

Gallery Walk: Set up several flipcharts around the room. Write a topic/question on the top of each flipchart (different topics/questions, all related to the main topic of discussion). Position small groups at each flipchart. Allow several minutes for each group to respond to the topic/question on their flipchart and write their answers on the flipchart. Rotate groups until each group has responded to each flipchart. When groups return to their original flipchart, allow several minutes for them to summarize what has been written. Have each group report to the large group.

Role Play: Two instructors role play in front of the class so participants can see a skill demonstrated. Or create a role play for participants. One participant has the role play to act out while the other participant tries to practice the skills in the interaction with the role player.

Teachbacks: Divide participants into teams. Each team gets a section of the content. They teach it back to the rest of the class.

Case study: Create a realistic work situation (or use an existing one and change names for anonymity) and then ask participants to work individually or in teams to answer questions or resolve the case study. Have a class debrief at the end to get results and what was learned.

Thought-provoking poll: Pose questions to poll participants. Could have the question on a slide with multiple choice answers, then instructor states each answer and asks participants to raise their hand for the answer they choose. Can use to test for understanding, drive a case study, collect questions/feedback from audience, vote, and more.

Panel discussion: Hold a panel discussion in which multiple faculty members or guests simultaneously discuss a topic or respond to questions from the audience. Questions can be submitted or created ahead of time or asked at the session. Have a moderator ask the questions and keep the discussion on track.