DJ McCord / Top Rank IT, Trainer

DJ McCord began his project management career in the US military, completing projects in the Regular Army, the US Army Reserve, and on the General Staff of the Indiana Guard Reserve. He has served as a Project Manager in diverse industries, including: pharma, military, publishing, agricultural/chemical, and health care, on projects with state-wide and national scope. He holds a Master’s Degree in Management, with a concentration in Project Management.

In recent years, DJ has focused his project management work in the Information Technology field, particularly in the areas of network design, training-program design, and software development [with Agile/Scrum project teams]. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, as well as a certified PMP through the Project Management Institute. He has co-authored articles on project and personnel management that have been published in military and project management periodicals.

DJ has a passion for teaching and training, and has taught for three local universities. He currently teaches Project Management courses for Top Rank IT.